Liposuction Recovery – Healing and Downtime After Liposuction

Liposuction or “lipo” is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure designed to remove fat from the body that is resistant to diet and exercise. A variety of liposuction techniques, such as tumescent, super wet, ultrasound, laser and power-assisted techniques, are used by plastic surgeons to loosen body fat before it is removed during the procedure. Liposuction recovery, however, is essentially the same regardless of whether laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction or some other variation was performed.

Liposuction can be performed under general anesthesia (asleep) or local anesthesia (awake), which affects the recovery period immediately following surgery. General anesthesia is usually only recommended for patients who are undergoing extensive liposuction or are combining other procedures with liposuction, such as a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. When liposuction alone is performed, local anesthesia is typically used instead of general anesthesia.

Patients recovering from liposuction performed under local anesthesia typically do not experience the groggy after effects associated with general anesthesia. However, many of the pain medications and sedatives prescribed to patients for use during and after liposuction do cause nausea, dizziness, and light-headedness, so patients should not drive after undergoing liposuction regardless of the type of anesthesia used.

The first few days of liposuction recovery can be messy, since anesthetic and other fluids leak from the port sites, or small holes left by the device that physically removes the fat during liposuction (called a “cannula”). To prevent stains on clothing or bed linens, many physicians recommend wearing absorbent pads until the drainage has subsided.

Swelling and bruising are usually present immediately after liposuction and may take several weeks to resolve. Although bruising typically resolves within a few weeks, some swelling may linger for approximately four to six months or more. As a result, final liposuction results cannot be judged until at least four to six months after surgery. Numbness and hardness of the treated area may last for three months, however, prolonged, localized firmness and swelling may indicate formation of a seroma, or fluid pocket, that needs to be drained by a doctor.

Although complete liposuction recovery takes approximately six months, barring infection or other complications, most patients report going back to work and resuming light activity about one week after liposuction. A month into liposuction recovery, sports or vigorous activities typically may be resumed.
To optimize healing during the liposuction recovery period and ensure the best possible result is achieved, there are a few tips your surgeon may recommend.

First, wearing a compression garment (similar to binding undergarments, such as a girdle or Spanx) for two to four weeks after liposuction may help to reduce swelling and help skin contract so that it heals evenly, without unwanted folds, lumps or creases. Doctors may also recommend supplements to reduce bruising, such as Arnica Montana and Bromelien, and lymphatic drainage massage or mechanical massage, such as Endermologie, to minimize lumps and bumps after liposuction.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s post-operative care instructions during liposuction recovery, attend your post-operative exam appointments, and communicate with your surgeon should you experience prolonged swelling, numbness or pain.

For more information about liposuction recovery, liposuction cost or ultrasonic liposuction, please visit, a health and beauty community where real patients share their stories and medical experts answer your questions about plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments.

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Solar lights are Far Better than the Halogen and Incandescent Lights

Lighting is of paramount importance for any house. Without good lighting, no house looks fine. Earlier we had to keep us satisfied with the incandescent and halogen lights, but those days are gone. Today, we have LED lights. These lights outclass both incandescent and halogen lights by a large margin. Blow is a list of some important factors why LED lights edge the other forms of lights.

Pro-longed life: Without a shadow of a doubt, LED lights have much more pro-longed life than the incandescent and halogen lights. If you compare them each other, then you will find that incandescent lights can give you 750-2000 hours, halogen lights give you 2000-5000 hours, but LEDs can provide you with 30000-50000 hours of light. You see, how long-lasting LED lights are.

Proper light distribution: When it comes to the light distribution, LEDs can provide you with surround lights. Human eyes give nice feedback to the LED lights.

Quality of the output: The quality of light is also much better than the other types. Incandescent lights are not energy saving, and they produce yellowish light, but LED lights provide nice, daylight look like soft light. CFL output is also good, but cannot produce same bright light for a very long time. It is now open secret that CFL lights get dim after few months. When it comes to the lumen, then CFL can give you only 50-70 lumens while LED lights can emit 110+ lumens on average.

No doubt LED lights are much better than all other forms of lights. But there is a problem with them. Many people find LED lights like solar lights outdoor very expensive, but they should not forget that they do not have to pay any electric bills for solar lights, so it is cost effective at the end. Apart from this, they are energy saving too. They can save up to 80% electricity.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, you could easily use solar lights for house. These lights outclass all other forms very easily. Happy buying.


How to Select the Photos of Photo Handbags

Women try their best to become fashionable. All women try to be standalone. Unfortunately, sometimes they pick weird fashion products. Also, sometimes some women pick very common, old fashioned items. To be standalone, you should know what the trend is. A nice, high-profile handbag can give you a stunning look. If it is a designer handbag, then you will feel really great. But there is a very serious problem regarding the designers’ hand bags. If you notice them carefully, you will feel that most handbags are same. They are not different by a large margin. So what will you do? What will make you standalone?

Well, you could use photo handbags. They are not common like traditional handbags. Remember, you need to think carefully while choosing the photos of your handbag. Below is a list of techniques how to use impressive photos.

Your beloved ones: Surely, it is a brilliant idea to explore. You could use your photos of beloved ones. Usually, women keep the photos of their children. No doubt it looks awesome. You could also use photos of other significant ones. Another nice way is to keep the photo of someone’s parents, especially if they are no more. Use black and white as it looks far better than a color photograph.

Celebrities: This is another way to use photo handbag nicely. Please use well dressed celebrities. It will be nice if he or she is on the red carpet.

Landscapes: Landscape photos are always welcomed. Photos of desert, mountains, sunrise or sunlight work really fine with a photo handbag.

Historical photo: How about a historical photo? Use a black or white photo because it looks more realistic and gorgeous.

Vacation: You could also use photos of your vacation. It will remind you the fun you had in the past.

Also, you could use across body bags. They are really fashionable and very comfortable to use.

You Need to use Bras for Men if You have Gynecomastia

If you are a male, and you have larger breasts than the average size of a male, then you might be a victim of Gynecomastia. Do not get scared; it is not a serious disease at all. In fact, if you could get rid of this problem if you take appropriate drugs or you might need to do surgery, though it is not a major surgery. After the surgery, you need to use bras for men. Gradually, your problem will be gone completely.
What is the reason of this disease? Well, there is no specific reason of this uncomfortable disease. It is believed that those who are depressed, introvert are the victim of this disease, but this does not mean if you are shy, introvert, then you could get this disease. But we all should be more agile. We should be more social. According to the medical science, this disease is not caused by fatty tissues, though many people believe that the extra thing is nothing but fat. In fact, it is a big gland which is usually not that big.
I am an old man can I get this disease? Yes, unfortunately, there is no age limit for this disease. You could get attacked when you are a kid, or a young man or an old man.
If you have this problem, then at first you should diagnose it as early as possible to make sure whether you have this disease or not. You may need to undergo physical exam, or need to provide your medical history. Apart from these, you need to give the names of drugs you are taking because it could be a side effect of any drugs.
If you are a parent of a kid, and your kid has this problem, then do not get scared because it is found that many kids do not bear the problem when they are adults. So, you need to consult a high-profile doctor. Usually you may need to take drugs to solve this problem, but if you are late, then you may need to do surgery.
No doubt it is a very uncomfortable disease. You should consult a doctor as early as possible. Good luck.

Can Plastic Surgery Stop Bullying?

Has your child become the victim of bullying because he or she doesn’t look “normal”? We all know bullying can devastate an impressionable child. But have you ever thought that plastic surgery may end the bullying?

Let’s suppose your child was born with ears that stick out a little too far. Or, their nose may appear out of proportion. These are just two examples of situations where bullying could result.

Children can be cruel and the psychological damage can be hard to overcome. It can literally follow them throughout their entire life. A child can be affected academically as well as suffer depression.

Statistically, girls as young as 14 have turned to cosmetic enhancement as a means to escape bullying at school. This hurtful taunting can make a parent feel as if there is no alternative.

Most board-certified surgeons will not operate on children under 18. But it’s possible to have a procedure done with their parents’ permission.

It’s a sad scenario when the victims of bullying feel it’s necessary to change something about themselves when it’s really the other way around. The teasers should be the ones who change. Education is the key to change. But until every bully is educated, victims of bullying will most likely continue to turn to plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is often the last resort taken by parents of bullied children after everything else has failed. A simple procedure like pinning a child’s ears back, known as otoplasty, can transform a child’s life.

The surgical procedures shouldn’t be done to please or satisfy the bullies. Remember, they are the ones with the real problem – not your child. Schools and parents have the greatest responsibility to educate, change the pattern and the effects of bullying.

Bullying can wreak such dramatic effects on a young psyche that it can almost totally transform a personality from outgoing to introvert. A child can become withdrawn and antisocial. But many opponents to cosmetic surgery as an answer to bullying say it’s the self-esteem of a person which needs to be exercised, not the cutting knife.

How else will young people learn to value themselves and grow in self-confidence, no matter what they look like, if a simple procedure erases their insecurities? Many others would agree we all grow up with some sort of insecurity about the way we look.

The most important point is that if you want to enhance your child’s appearance with plastic surgery do so only after you have consulted with a reputable surgeon. It also might be a good idea to have your child counseled psychologically.

Life is difficult enough without a physical deformation added to the plate. But we don’t want to teach our children the only answer is a surgical one. At the same time you also need to be informed about plastic surgery side effects that could occur.

The media and celebrities already have young people, especially girls, looking at themselves in a different way. Plastic surgery may not be the ideal answer, but it may be the lesser of two evils.

Sometimes plastic surgery Atlanta is the answer to your self-esteem issues. Contact and set up a consultation.

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Best New York Business Expos

If you are looking to expand into the U.S market with your business, there are many excellent expos and exhibitions that you might want to consider attending each year. These exhibitions are great for networking, gathering information and advancing your business. Below a look at 5 of the best shows each year.

The New York Expo for Business

Arguably the largest business expo in New York City, this expo takes place every year at the Jacob Javits center. The expo takes place over one day and attracts thousands of exhibitors from around the globe. This business to business trade show allows small businesses to network with other businesses and provide services that benefit both. Big names mix with independent companies to showcase their products and services. Enjoy breakout sessions that teach everything from social networking to marketing and advertising. The expo also offers an after-hours networking event that allows attendees to mix and mingle in a social setting.

America Means Business

This three-day event is a practical boot camp for entrepreneurs and new businesses. This expo is education rich, with speakers from across the globe offering practical advice on starting and running a new venture. Learn how to develop products, staff your firm and service your customers. Thousands of new and aspiring business owners attend this event every year, and many go on to create new companies that enjoy great success.

The NACC International Multicultural Business Expo

This expo brings together exhibitors and attendees that are interested in catering to the multicultural market. Taking place over one full day, it is an excellent forum to meet with decision makers and network face to face. Strike new deals and enjoy a wealth of information at this expo that takes place at the Marriott hotel each year. Expand your client base, network with similar and complimentary businesses and take your company to a new level.

BlogWorld and New Media Expo

For the business person offering information products, the BlogWorld and New Media Expo is a must. Network with hundreds of thousands of bloggers, webmasters, developers and writers from across the globe. Learn about content creation, monetization and social journalism from the pros. This is not just an excellent chance to get involved in meeting American business owners and media experts, but is also a very interesting and fun event always to attend.

The Small Business Expo

One of the newest expos, the small business expo brings a wealth of information to the market. Meet with executives and decision makers in this highly-attended gathering of great business minds. Learn new marketing techniques, sales tips and more with the 6,000 attendees that attend this event annually.

Catherine writes about the marketing and exhibitions industry and deals with USA Exhibitions Stands and Exhibitions Stands news.

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New York City Travel Guide

New York is a city of different races and cultures, iconic images and a sense of community. With its yellow cabs, skyscraper buildings, steam vents and amazing people, you won’t find another place like it in the world. In other words, New York has a unique personality of its own and is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life. Whether you are enjoying a spot of shopping, strolling through Central Park, experiencing the money buildings on Wall Street or just relaxing over brunch at one of the city’s many diners, New York has something for everyone.

Once you have experienced this amazing city you will want to return time and time again, each time discovering something new. You can experience all the major suburbs by foot, cab or bus. From Little Italy to Brooklyn and Chinatown to Manhattan, there is so much to explore and discover.

Eating out is an experience in itself, with thousands of restaurants you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. Favourites include Diner which is a converted dining car, Chat ‘n’ Chew where friends congregate for a good old ‘chin-wag’ over a huge Holy Cow burger or some delicious macaroni cheeses and not forgetting the New York institute which is the 21 Club.


The oldest of the five boroughs of New York City, Manhattan is the main commercial, financial and cultural centre of the USA. Manhattan has many famous landmarks, attractions, museums and universities. The other four boroughs are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

The Bronx

This is the only borough that is located primarily on the mainland. Although the Bronx is densely populated, about twenty-five percent of its area is open space which includes the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, Pelham Bay Park, Van Cortlandt Park and the Woodlawn Cemetery.


This is the most densely populated of New York’s boroughs. This amazing multi-cultural borough is home to some great attractions including Prospect Park which includes Prospect Park Zoo, the Long Meadow, Litchfield Villa and a 60 acre lake. The park is also home to the Prospect Park Bandshell which hosts outdoor concerts in the summer and several baseball fields.


Home to JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, these airports are among the busiest in the world. Queens is also home to some great attractions, including Flushing Meadows Park (home of the New York Mets baseball team and the US Open tennis tournament), the Aqueduct Racetrack, Kaufman Astoria Studios and the Silvercup Studios.

Staten Island

Sitting in New York Bay, Staten Island is the least populated of the five boroughs of New York. The island can be reached from Brooklyn by the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge but most visitors choose to visit the island via the Staten Island Ferry. This ferry is popular with tourists as it offers amazing views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Little Italy

Located in lower Manhattan, as the name implies the neighbourhood is known for its large population of Italians. You will be spoilt for choice by the many Italian restaurants and shops here.

Chinatown New York City

Located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Manhattan, Chinatown is where Chinese immigrants settled in the 1800′s. Here you will experience a unique cultural and historical experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Explore the history of the people who settled here, including Chinese, early Irish, Jewish and Italian immigrants, as you wander around the intriguing streets of this neighbourhood. Some landmarks not to be missed when visiting Chinatown include Columbus Park, Chatham Square, Five Points, Edward Mooney House, the Church of the Transfiguration, Mahayana Buddhist Temple, Shearith Israel Cemetery, the Museum of Chinese in America and the Museum at Eldridge Street.

Whatever you are looking for in a holiday New York has it all, you won’t be disappointed!

Emma Healey is the co-founder and owner of, specialists in cheap holidays and travel deals to worldwide destination. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and be sure to watch out for more of my articles as I’m writing many travel blogs and have some great topics coming soon.

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